The start…

Let me introduce myself, I am patient H69. My name is irrelevant. This is my story, and believe me, you’ve probably not come across a story quite like it before.

It’s not just a story about going blind, yet of course it is. It’s more a story about what it’s like to have your visual world rebuilt one wispy layer at a time.

My response to my illness was just that – a response. I chose to challenge everything that happened to me, to investigate it and in turn understand it. I didn’t do that on my own either, and the people that have helped me are part of this story…

It all started in September 2012, a time I now consider to be back then,…before

Indeed, September 30th 2012 was to be the last day of that life; for another life was to about to start the next day. That is the life I now lead…this is the story of my Second Sight.

6 thoughts on “The start…

  1. Just read part of the story very interested in reading the next part please can you forward it to me otherwise I’ll have to wait for your book to be published
    Best wishes
    Tina and Ben


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