How neuroscientists drink tea…


I hate science: well that’s what I would have spouted, hands on hip, blinking my fringe out of my eyes, aged 13. I was so disenchanted with all things Bunsen burner and periodic tables that I acquired a spectacular ‘unclassified’ result in my O’levels (giving away my age there)

It’s therefore slightly surreal, uplifting and positively ironic that I have now, in later life, created an immersive exhibition….based on neuroscience. Chewing the fat and discussing the project over a cup of tea with a lively group of neuroscientists, is, well, my cup of tea.

And, even the art of tea making is given the scientific once over.

You’ve got to love that. 


Published by Vanessa Potter

I'm Vanessa, writer, speaker and meditation enthusiast. I wasn't always a writer. I used to make annoying TV ads, which I'd still be doing, if I hadn't woken up blind and paralysed one morning in 2012. Yup. It was one helluva wake-up call and I wrote a book about it. That experience turned me into the curious, self-experimenting, brain-obsessed woman I am now. I've just spent the last 3 years practising 10 different meditation techniques as part of a ground-breaking EEG study with Cambridge. Follow me to find out what happened. 'Finding my Right Mind: One Woman's Experiment to put Meditation to the Test, publishing 2021.

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