I have been acquired.

I’m still getting used to the term, and to saying it without sniggering; but I’m getting there.

When I look back three years ago, coming home from hospital, a shuffling old lady with wild hair, walking stick and huge owl-like eyes, I didn’t really see much of a future…in fact, I didn’t see anything at all.

Yet, I made my legs move every day, even just lifting my concrete feet to step outside and feel the cool breeze on my face. It was movement and that meant progress, and that momentum has continued, small steps led to longer strides and finally I am running without a thought.

And I am writing. Not just this blog anymore, for an Editor out there thought my story should become a book; and indeed it is going to be.

I shall get over my childlike giggling soon, but in the meantime – I’m back…and boy, do I have a good story to tell.