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And the winner is…

Having spent the last five years prostituting myself for votes in a variety of online campaigns for LPAG the playground charity I chair, I have to admit to groaning at having to do the same again - this time for myself. In fact, asking for votes for me to win an Inspiring Woman Award was far harder. However, I was thrilled to be nominated and figured I would have a laugh at the awards ceremony regardless of winning, and of course I got to dress up too. Mum and I headed off out on Friday night...

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How being uncomfortable is good for you.

As I pack my bags and leave Brooklyn, it is with a great deal of sadness. I was dreading this trip, yet now I'm at the end of it I realise I have had such a good time.My day yesterday saw me walk 16,000 steps traversing the sleepy streets of South Brooklyn hunting out all of the independent bookstores nestled in amongst the literally thousands of dry cleaners and dog parlours there seem to be here.There is a palpable quietness in Brooklyn, less noise and buzzing energy than in Manhattan....

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Patient H69 is off to New York !

It's a week away and I am making plans and booking interviews, getting ready to head off to the Big Apple to promote my book. However, this is more than just a trip to an exciting city, I am fully expecting it to be a baptism by fire. I have not travelled abroad alone since I lost my sight in 2012, and if I am honest, I am terrified. Around a week or two ago I had a major wobble, and for around half a day considered cancelling my flight. I couldn't - it's non-refundable. But, when I calmed...

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Avoiding a shrink-wrapped world

I was thinking this week of the last time I did something daring. I mean, really daring and challenging...something that made me uncomfortable. When I lost my sight in 2012 one of my initial reactions was a bloody-minded outburst of, 'if this is taking something away from me, it is giving me something back!' It was on that tidal wave of defiance that in 2013 I booked myself onto an adult swimming course. I have always swum, but after a minor sailing incident in my teens I was left...

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A road map to meditation

Meditation is not one-size-fits-all and styles can vary enormously. From mindfulness to hypnosis to psychedelics, my consciousness road trip, covering 12 different mind-training techniques, provides a tried-and-tested roadmap of which practice might be right for you.

Second Sight

Imagine waking up one morning to find yourself blind and paralysed. In 2012 a catastrophic illness wiped out two of my senses. As I recovered I set out on a voyage of discovery to uncover the extraordinary science behind my visual rebirth.

ParkBathe Project

A citizen science green health podcast project with Dr Kirsten McEwan providing FREE 1hr mindful walks for ‘nature sceptics’ to experience the benefits of urban forest bathing in Crystal Palace Park, London. To book a free walk and find out more click below.


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