Why Compassion Might Just Save Your Life Finding Your Right Mind — with Vanessa Potter

More self-care this week with an information-packed chat with Kirsten McEwan, a senior researcher at Derby University. Did you know you have an ‘old’ brain and a ‘new’, updated nozzle? We also have three innate systems that make us utterly brilliant problem solvers — but also make us feel utterly rubbish, stressed out and unhappy. Kirsten simplifies and demystifies these complex systems so we can understand why we sometimes behave in the ways we do — and how that’s not our fault. This ‘neuro-knowledge’ is really important if you’re considering taking up a compassion practice as it helps us understand why we need a healthy dose of compassion in our lives. Kirsten and I talk Zebras, perfectionism, inner critics and what “being a friend to ourselves” really means — and how to do it. If you’d like to understand your mind and why you sometimes beat yourself up, why you feel panic-stricken or anxious, this insightful interview will reveal the inner mechanics of your mind and how you can work with our innate humanness, rather than spend our day fighting it. An episode for women — and men.Links:https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Kirsten-Mcewan-2Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers by R. Sapolski – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Why-Zebras-Dont-Ulcers-Revised/dp/0805073698 Kirsten Neff – https://self-compassion.org
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  5. Karen Jones knows her sh*t: How our gut health is connected to our mental health.

A podcast for the curious.

In 2012 my life was ticking along just fine. It wasn’t perfect, but I had a successful career, a loving family and I’d just taken time out to set up a new business and hang out with my children. Unfortunately fate had other plans for me. A mystery illness hit me like a freight train, leaving me blind, paralysed and reeling.

The year it took for my sight to return changed my life. I started to ask questions, to investigate the way I perceived and understood the world. Fast forward eight years and that curiosity has sparked numerous collaborations with Cambridge neuroscientists, a new scientific network, a book and a TEDx talk. It didn’t end there either. I have continued to ask questions and this podcast will take a deep dive into some of the ways I think, sense and understanding the world in the hope that it offers a light in these strange, dark times.

Who am I?

Vanessa Potter

I am a curious, self-experimenting author whose life mission is to lift the lid of my own consciousness and to find out WHY my life continually plays out in the way it does. I want to have ‘those’ conversations that simmer underneath the conversations we are actually having. Things like how I constantly push my wellbeing aside ALL the time, how hard it can be to maintain a meditation practice and what it’s really like to try self-compassion or self-hypnosis — and what I learnt about myself when I tried.

I’ll look at what happens when meditation is challenging and how it can sometimes nudge up again trauma. I’ll ask why my inner critic needs a name (and an outfit) and how perfectionism is the worse aspiration I can have. Join me on my mission to find practical ways to seek that elusive ‘balance’ and make our lives flow just a little smoother.

Want to be a guest?

Got a burning question about meditation, the mind or what makes you tick? Or got some interesting research to share? Get in touch.

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