Smartphone and Santa — How to Avoid Social Media Gorging This Christmas Finding Your Right Mind — with Vanessa Potter

Christmas is nearly here! The tree is up, presents are hidden,  ready to wrap and the kids are counting the hours until school is out. Yet, underneath the excitement I'm feeling a simmering fear of what endless free time and a lack of socialising is going to do to my children's tech habits. This year I have taken Christmas by its ' jingly antlers' and put some Tech Survival Tactics in place with the help of Dr Fintan Nagle, a cognitive scientist who studies adult and teen use of social media. Lockdown wasn't great for us — my children were sucked into watching hours of YouTube, Netflix and endless TikTok scrolling. Reading went out of the window and tempers flared when I tried to prise them off iPads and phones. My family is not unique. Lots of parents suffered the same, resorting to pleading, fighting or imposing tech bans to get their kids to 'look up'. But, what effects has lockdown really had upon tech use? What does hours of mindless scrolling do to a teen's brain? Why is our attention hijacked SO easily and why do we feel powerless to resist? We'll answer these questions and many more in this must-listen episode! Head to http://www.vanessapotter.com to get a FREE Tech Survival Guide. We can't stop you gorging on Quality Street this Christmas, but we might be able to help when it comes to social media. 
  1. Smartphone and Santa — How to Avoid Social Media Gorging This Christmas
  2. 50 Shades of Meditation — How "meditation" is not one-size-fits-all.
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  4. The backstory…

A podcast for the curious.

In 2012 my life was ticking along just fine. It wasn’t perfect, but I had a successful career, a loving family and I’d just taken time out to set up a new business and hang out with my children. Unfortunately fate had other plans for me. A mystery illness hit me like a freight train, leaving me blind, paralysed and reeling.

The year it took for my sight to return changed my life. I started to ask questions, to investigate the way I perceived and understood the world. Fast forward eight years and that curiosity has sparked numerous collaborations with Cambridge neuroscientists, a new scientific network, a book and a TEDx talk. It didn’t end there either. I have continued to ask questions and this podcast will take a deep dive into some of the ways I think, sense and understanding the world in the hope that it offers a light in these strange, dark times.

Who am I?

Vanessa Potter

I am a curious, self-experimenting author whose life mission is to lift the lid of my own consciousness and to find out WHY my life continually plays out in the way it does. I want to have ‘those’ conversations that simmer underneath the conversations we are actually having. Things like how I constantly push my wellbeing aside ALL the time, how hard it can be to maintain a meditation practice and what it’s really like to try self-compassion or self-hypnosis — and what I learnt about myself when I tried.

I’ll look at what happens when meditation is challenging and how it can sometimes nudge up again trauma. I’ll ask why my inner critic needs a name (and an outfit) and how perfectionism is the worse aspiration I can have. Join me on my mission to find practical ways to seek that elusive ‘balance’ and make our lives flow just a little smoother.

Want to be a guest?

Got a burning question about meditation, the mind or what makes you tick? Or got some interesting research to share? Get in touch.

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