Coming soon. A podcast for the curious.

In 2012 my life was ticking along just fine. It wasn’t perfect, but I had a successful career, a loving family and I’d just taken time out to set up a new business and spend time with my children. Unfortunately fate had other plans for me. A mystery illness hit me like a freight train leaving me blind, paralysed and reeling.

The year it took for my sight to return changed my life. I started to ask questions, to investigate the way I perceived and understood the world. Fast forward eight years and that curiosity has sparked numerous collaborations with Cambridge neuroscientists, a new scientific network, a book and a TEDx talk. It didn’t end there either. I have continued to ask questions and this podcast will take a deep dives into some of the ways I think, sense and understanding the world in the hope that it offers a light in these strange, dark times.

Who am I?

Vanessa Potter

I am a curious, self-experimenting, author whose life mission is to lift the lid of my own consciousness. I want to have ‘those’ conversations that simmer underneath the conversations we are actually having. Things like how to really deal with a trauma, what life looks like after illness, why my life plays out in the way it does and why I seem to make the same mistakes over and over. Join me on my mission to find practical ways to make life flow just a little smoother.


Interested in being a guest? Or got a burning question? Ask away.

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