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Patient H69: The Story of my Second Sight AUDIO DESCRIPTIONS of illustrations:

CLICK here for an audio track describing the colour images found in the central plate section of the book.

There are also several black and white images scattered throughout the story. They are as follows:

Chapter Three – The Pillow – there is a blurry black and white photograph of me taken from behind wearing a vest T-shirt while I am sitting on my bed in room 3 at St George’s Hospital. It clearly shows a large balcony area outside of my hospital window.

Chapter Six – Mowbray Road – 2nd heading Christmas 2012 – there is a reproduction of the pencil and charcoal self portrait I did in my father-in-law’s studio. It shows a simple sketch of a close-up face wearing glasses, and has scratched pencil marks across the surface. The image has a chilling air to it.

Chapter Seven – Painting Project One – Under the heading February 2013 there is a black and white graphic illustration showing a circle made up of spokes all emanating out from the centre like the spokes of a wheel.

Shortly after this image under the heading Pandora’s Laptop there is a diary entry that starts off in very large font size (35 pt) which then decreases slowly with each line. This adapted text reads..

Feb 11th 2013: It has snowed again, unfortunatel. I thought the last of the winter weather was past, but obviously not. I hate the lack of light and the whiteout. It’s as though I am enveloped in a cloud on these days…

further along the text finally decreases enough to hit the standard 12pt font size on the last line. This decreasing section of text says:

I walked my daughter to school today so I could look through her special art book. Of course she had to walk on all of the garden walls, so our footprints were one set on the pavements, and one set on top of the walls…

Chapter Nine – The Art of Seeing – under the section Mind the Spatial Frequencies – there is an image created by Dr Will Harrison that shows a series of vertical lines ranging on the left as widely spaced out to on the right, closely knit together. Each line appears to be a shaft of light. The caption reads: Contrast at different spatial frequencies. From left to right, the spatial frequencies of the pattern goes form low to high.

Published by Vanessa Potter

I'm Vanessa, writer, speaker and meditation enthusiast. I wasn't always a writer. I used to make annoying TV ads, which I'd still be doing, if I hadn't woken up blind and paralysed one morning in 2012. Yup. It was one helluva wake-up call and I wrote a book about it. That experience turned me into the curious, self-experimenting, brain-obsessed woman I am now. I've just spent the last 3 years practising eleven different meditation techniques as part of a ground-breaking EEG study with Cambridge. Follow me to find out what happened. 'Finding my Right Mind: One woman's experiment to put meditation to the Test, publishing 2021.

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