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Want to take control of your mind? Do you wonder if meditating might lower your stress levels or if hypnosis might cure your insomnia? Knowing where to start is often the biggest barrier to doing something to help yourself. Fear not. I’ve spent 3 years and over 600 hours practising 12 different ways to train my mind all while wearing an EEG headset that recorded my live brain activity.

Could the right mind-training technique help me shout less, sleep better and connect more? Find out what I discovered about myself and what science discovered about me.

I loved this book and couldn’t put it down. It has so much fascinating content; I learnt so much. 

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Imagine waking up blind and paralysed?

In 2012 I was a successful television producer when a rare illness rendered me blind and paralysed overnight. Determined to overcome my sensory loss and understand the mechanics of my brain, I worked with neuroscientists to investigate the science of my sight. When we discovered previously undiscovered insights about the way in which we see, it opened the doors for whole new adventure. To find out more get my book here.

Best Science Book 2017

Amazon, Times & BBC Focus magazine

Reads like a thriller…

Sunday Telegraph

I am a TEDx speaker, have written features for Mosaic Science, Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping, Medium, The Telegraph and my story was featured on Radio Four Shortcuts.

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