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Want to take control of your mind? Do you wonder if meditating might lower your stress levels or if hypnosis might cure your insomnia? Knowing where to start is often the biggest barrier to doing something to help yourself. Fear not. I’ve spent 3 years and over 600 hours practising 12 different ways to train my mind all while wearing an EEG headset that recorded my live brain activity.

Could the right mind-training technique help me shout less, sleep better and connect more? Find out what I discovered about myself and what science discovered about me.

Imagine waking up blind and paralysed?

In 2012 I was a successful television producer when a rare illness rendered me blind and paralysed overnight. Determined to overcome my sensory loss and understand the mechanics of my brain, I worked with neuroscientists to investigate the science of my sight. When we discovered previously undiscovered insights about the way in which we see, it opened the doors for whole new adventure. To find our more get my book here and watch my TEDx Talk here.

Best Science Book 2017

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Reads like a thriller…

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Want a sneak preview of Patient H69?

Curious about how and why we see colour? Do you know why some people see the colour red when they read the letter ‘A’? I didn’t know either before all of this…

Synaesthesia is a condition that makes one sense mingle with another. During my sight recovery when all I could see was a murky mist, the colour blue suddenly started to fizz and sparkle. Then I realised I could see the colour ‘red’ if I spoke the word out loud. Amazed at these bizarre experiences I reinvented myself as a ‘science sleuth’ and began to investigate. To find out what I discovered head here. For more about synaesthesia read an article I wrote for Mosaic Science here.

If you want more on ‘colour’, its history and importance to humankind, then listen to this award-winning Radio 4 Shortcuts episode featuring my strange relationship with colour.

An extraordinary memoir’

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