About Vanessa



Hello and welcome.

A former television producer, Vanessa has spent a decade investigating and researching mind-body practices following a life-altering illness in 2012. Her lived experience of suddenly losing her sight and mobility took her into previously uncharted territory, resulting in a science-art exhibition, scientific collaborations, a published paper, two books, and a TEDx talk.

Capatalising on her career in television managing international productions and her experience of delivering best-practice training, Vanessa provides a bespoke programme that blends mind-body wellness and urban nature connection. As a former sceptic herself, Vanessa’s hallmark is a no nonsense approach to delivering accessible and highly practical training. 

Vanessa helps her clients manage family life, demanding careers and personal challenges to cultivate resilience, reduce stress and live more balanced, meaningful lives. 

Recognising nature’s impact on her recovery, Vanessa founded ParkBathe in 2021 – a citizen science project offering free peer-led forest bathing strolls in urban parks. This grassroots movement champions sceptics to explore accessible well-being, addressing health inequalities and loneliness.

Vanessa is partially sighted and lives in London with her husband and two children. She is regularly seen leading ParkBathe sessions in her local park. 

Vanessa’s background and experience:

  • BA (Hons) Design
  • 16 years as an award-winning television producer shooting international campaigns for FMCG clients
  • Executive coach (AoEC)
  • Researcher and consultant for a number of studies (Cambridge and Derby university)
  • Co-author of a published paper on urban forest bathing. 
  • Mentor for the advertising industry
  • Best practice workshop trainer for advertising clients
  • Lead trainer for the ParkBathe project
  • Best-selling and Times/BBC Science best nonfiction author of two books on health and wellness
  • Mental health first aider 
  • Meditation teacher 
  • Trauma, ACE (adverse childhood experiences) and stress-management trained 
  • IFS informed (Internal Family Systems model)



    I’ve delivered keynote speeches in both the U.S. and the U.K. including a TEDx talk and have participated as a guest speaker, expert patient and panelist at numerous events. My approachable and engaging delivery enables me to address a wide audience, from adults to teenagers and children. 

    My expertise spans topics such as resilience, well-being, nature connection and disability. Tailoring each talk to your organisation’s specific needs, I can provide a bespoke experience that will resonate with and inspire your audience.

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    Road map to meditation

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    Second Sight

    Imaging waking up one morning to find yourself blind and paralysed. In 2012 a catastrophic illness wiped out two of my senses, leaving me reeling. As my sight and mobility slowly returned I set out on a journey of exploration to understand the science behind my extraordinary visual rebirth.


    ParkBathe Project

    A citizen science green health podcast project with Dr Kirsten McEwan providing FREE 1hr mindful walks for ‘nature sceptics’ to experience the benefits of urban forest bathing in Crystal Palace Park, London. To book a free walk and find out more click below.