Does it seem that these days, everyone is a coach? Since I qualified with the AoEC in 2014, the role of a “coach” has shifted somewhat. Many offer mentoring, life optimisation or niche programmes that promise to overhaul your life. And, of course that’s completely fine and is what many clients want. However, I’m more of an old-fashioned coach who won’t tell you what to do.

I won’t give you a pre-designed strategy or plan or offer inspirational pep talks. I believe you know your own life’s purpose far better than I do. Deep down you know what is causing you to stagnate, falter, disconnect or trip up, but it can be hard getting to the root of the problem on your own, let alone doing something practical about it. I trained to be a coach so that I could help women identify exactly what it is they want out of life, identify what is holding them back and steer them in the right direction to achieve their goals. I’m not an expert in your life — you are. I’m here to use my coaching expertise to guide you towards your dream, whether it’s improving your health and wellbeing, changing career or negotiating the work/life balance.

Vanessa was an empathetic coach who really helped me take charge of my life.

E. Hayden

If I sound like the kind of coach you are looking for then please get in touch to discuss your needs. I offer a free 20 minute chat via phone. Can’t wait to meet you !

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