It’s time…

This blog as been the hole-in-the-wall that allowed you to peak through into what was my human story. I have unlocked my secret garden of memories and experiences for you to wander through at your leisure. My writing, I hope, is experiential and visual; it is my way of showing you what I saw onContinue reading “It’s time…”

A sidelong glance

I’m not sure if I had any idea of the world around me, not really; and I am talking literally here. I have been missing out on a secret garden, a whole series of scenes and stories. Amazingly this fringe world has been playing out in my peripheral vision without me ever knowing it. I onlyContinue reading “A sidelong glance”

Wallace and Grommets

My new lower prescription specs arrived in the post and got their first outing at Croydon University hospital. The intention is for my eyes to level out a little and to reduce the dominance of my right eye. It is also to restrict my constant habit of trying to focus all the time. My specs firmlyContinue reading “Wallace and Grommets”

15 minutes of gain…

I have been given 15 minutes in which to do my thinking. I now have to condense and abridge my musings into this restricted time slot. My eye health is part of my vision therapy programme, and like the smoker trying to quit, I too have to curtail my habit. I also have to spendContinue reading “15 minutes of gain…”