Let me introduce myself, I am patient H69. My name is irrelevant. This is my story, and believe me, you’ve probably not come across a story quite like it before.

It’s not just a story about going blind, yet of course it is. It’s more a story about what it’s like to have your visual world rebuilt one wispy layer at a time.

My response to my illness was just that – a response. I chose to challenge everything that happened to me, to investigate it and in turn understand it. I didn’t do that on my own either, and the people that have helped me are part of this story…

It all started in September 2012, a time I now consider to be back then,…before

Indeed, September 30th 2012 was to be the last day of that life; for another life was to about to start the next day. That is the life I now lead…this is the story of my Second Sight.